Field Bulletins

FB013 – Ventnor Power Issue

Sunhillo Corporation has discovered an issue with our Ventnor product that results in the Ventnor system unexpectedly powering off or failing to power on properly. Once this condition exists the Ventnor system does not power on properly even after a physical power cycle.

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FB012 – Ventnor Power Issue

Sunhillo has discovered a potential issue with our Ventnor product relating to the EXAR 7724 DC-DC power controller chip which is used to supply DC power to the Ventnor system circuitry. The EXAR 7724 power part in some instances can fail causing the Ventnor system to power off and not be able to power back on.

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FB009 – Erroneous Browser Behaviour

Using the latest Firefox or Chrome browsers to interface with Sunhillo products through the web-based user interface may cause erroneous behaviour including the display of error: “Signal 11 last debug line 0 aborting”.

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