2U RAMS Tactical Kit

Radar & ADS-B Monitoring System (RAMS)

Portable Tactical Kit for Situational Awareness

Receive, Distribute, Display Radar & ADS-B
Margate II ADS-B Receiver

Receive 1090MHz and 978MHz

RICI 5000

Receive and distribute radar

ADS-B Antenna & Cable

Plug directly into the Margate II ADS-B Receiver

Surveillance Monitoring System (SMS)

Display Radar & ADS-B

SureLine Software Suite

The software suite that powers Sunhillo’s RICI, Longport, Margate II ADS‑B, Ventnor, and Brigantine series products continues to provide the extensive feature-set, high-level performance, and full access to each product’s respective hardware interfaces that you’ve come to expect from Sunhillo.

For the full set of radar protocol conversions and supported plug‑ins please follow the SureLine link.



The Margate II ADS-B Receiver is currently deployed across the DOD, the RICI is installed across the entire country for the FAA, and the SMS is deployed to the US DOD and industry partners.

Display Radar Data

Display both manned and unmanned traffic on our Surveillance Monitoring System (SMS)

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Add ADS-B In to your Longport
Sunhillo’s Longport platform is a robust, versatile and modular system designed for Surveillance Sensor Data Distribution and message conversions and now with the addition of the ADS-B Receiver module it accepts and decodes 1090MHz and 978MHz ADS-B and TIS-B.
Display Radar & ADS-B Data
Sunhillo’s Surveillance Monitoring System (SMS) is a powerful total package solution designed for displaying surveillance data. The SMS can be bought as Software only or with a high-end Hardware package.
UAS ATC Integration/ BVLOS Surveillance Solution
The UAS-C securely integrates with existing ATC Surveillance Systems to support ALL UAV operations flying Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) including flying in or through Controlled airspace regardless of size or altitude.

Sunhillo Solutions

Providing surveillance data distribution and conversion solutions to the FAA, DOD, and civil aviation authorities worldwide since 1991

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