UAS Situational Awareness Tactical Kit

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The UAS Situational Awareness (USA) Tactical Kit is designed to increase the safety of UAS operations by providing enhanced situational awareness of manned and unmanned aircraft. The kit provides tracking of cooperative UAS aircraft alongside manned aircraft equipped with ADS-B utilizing the Sunhillo Margate II ADS-B Receiver. The aircraft are displayed on a feature rich Surveillance Monitoring System SMS) which allows geofencing, recording, and graphical overlays.

USA Tactical Kit Components

Comprised of proven and deployed Sunhillo products
Surveillance Monitoring System (SMS)

Laptop for surveillance display

UAS-C Gateway

Process UAS telemetry data to radar or ADS-B track

UAS-Connector (UAS-C)

Connects to UAS GCS for UAS Tracking

Margate II ADS-B Receiver

Receive and decode ADS-B

Use Cases


The UAS Situational Awareness Tactical Kit has been proven in live flight operations and missions with components that have been deployed to the FAA and DoD.

Display Radar Data

Display both manned and unmanned traffic on our Surveillance Monitoring System (SMS)

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