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TDM to IP Gateway
The Ventnor Concentrator was specifically designed to address the needs associated with the elimination of leased TDM lines, which traditionally are used for transporting serial data. As such, the product comes equipped with a suite of built-in user configurable options that allow the users to configure the unit for their required needs depending on where they are in the migration path relative to the elimination of leased TDM lines, or, as commonly referred to Sun Setting on TDM.
Surveillance Data Test Tool
Sunhillo's ECGP Generator is a Windows application used to generate ECGP UDP radar data.
The Backbone of Sunhillo's Surveillance Products and Tools
The software suite that powers Sunhillo Corporation’s RICI, Longport, Margate II ADS-B, Ventnor, and Surveillance Gateway Processor (SGP) series products
Surveillance Test Tool
This powerful tool provides realistic simulation, as well as track generation to “autogenerate” surveillance tracks based on user specified site, route, and target information and is capable of saving this information for scenario creation and future playback.
SureLine Advanced Plug-in
Sunhillo’s Multi-Sensor Fusion Tracker has the capability of processing multiple targets from different sensors for the same target, in order to correlate them into a single track.
Plug-in that processes plot data received from a single sensor
The Single Sensor Tracker Plug-in processes plot data received from a single sensor. It applies a smoothing algorithm to this data and correlates the output to a new or existing track.
Virtual Radar data that outputs to a virtual scan
The Virtual Radar software emulates a radar system based on a set of configuration parameters and provides the timing required to deliver the CD-2 messages to other automation systems.
Easily configurable web based GUI
The SureLine Web GUI is easily configurable with drag and drop functionality as well as it is universal across all SureLine Products.
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