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Multi-Protocol Data Distribution Server
Multi-Protocol Data Distribution Server. Offering a drop in solution for existing MPS1000 customers, the Ventnor provides enhanced capabilities over the existing MPS1000 product, while addressing multiple markets with Sunhillo’s feature rich software.
WireShark Plug-in
ASTERIX Toolkit & Wireshark Surveillance Data Plug-in is a powerful Windows driven application formulated for for capturing and decoding State-of-the-art and legacy surveillance radar formats for analysis. ASTERIX Toolkit gives you the ability to break out individual fields and their corresponding values utilizing the Wireshark application in an effortless and intuitive approach.
TDM to IP Gateway
Sunhillo’s Real-Time Interface & Conversion Item (RICI) 5000 Gateway has been specifically designed to address the needs associated with the elimination of leased TDM lines. As such, the product comes equipped with a suite of built in user configurable options that allows the user to configure the RICI 5000 Gateway for their required needs depending on where they are in the migration path relative to the elimination of leased TDM lines or as commonly referred to Sun Setting on TDM.
Four Port Synchronous Serial Communications Adapter
The PCE335 Intelligent Synchronous Serial Communications Adapter provides four high-performance synchronous serial ports for connectivity. The adapter is ideally suited for use within radar servers, high-speed modems, and other high-speed communications devices. The PCE335 is part of Sunhillo’s industry-leading Protocol Software and connectivity solutions.
Display Radar & ADS-B Data
Sunhillo’s Surveillance Monitoring System (SMS) is a powerful total package solution designed for displaying surveillance data. The SMS can be bought as Software only or with a high-end Hardware package.
UAS ATC Integration/ BVLOS Surveillance Solution
The UAS-C securely integrates with existing ATC Surveillance Systems to support ALL UAV operations flying Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) including flying in or through Controlled airspace regardless of size or altitude.
Real-Time Interface and Conversion Item
Sunhillo’s Real-Time Interface & Conversion Item (RICI) 5000 is designed for small scale surveillance sensor data acquisition, formatting, filtering, and protocol conversion.
Multi-Protocol Data Distribution Server
Sunhillo’s Ventnor is designed for medium scale surveillance sensor data acquisition, formatting, filtering, and protocol conversion.
Compact ADS-B Receiver
Packaged in a small form factor, and versatile design, The Margate II ADS-B Receiver accepts and decodes 978MHz UAT and 1090MHz ADS-B.
Surveillance Data Distribution & Conversion Platform
Sunhillo’s Longport platform is a robust, versatile and modular system designed for surveillance sensor data distribution and message conversions.
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