Sunhillo Launches Next Generation RICI

Sunhillo is proud to announce the next generation in the Real-Time Interface & Conversion Item (RICI) product line, the RICI 6000.  The RICI 6000 is a form, fit and function replacement for the RICI 5000, and uses readily available components, ensuring the RICI is supportable for the foreseeable future. 

To address the product shortages and long lead times Sunhillo took the initiative to undertake product refreshes that incorporated more readily available components with shorter lead times, which improves product availability, and extends the life of our products. The RICI 6000 is the first of these products ensuring availability and quicker lead times for our customers.  

The RICI  is a versatile and modular platform designed for surveillance and sensor data formatting, filtering, and conversions. The RICI is an ideal solution for networks requiring low-density, high-speed system interfacing to multiple serial ports with the ability to scale to future network demands. Running Sunhillo’s SureLine® software, the RICI is a compact FPGA-based signal processing platform that enables synchronous, asynchronous and Bisync serial plus LAN interconnectivity.

Please see the RICI 5000 EOL Notice for more information on the RICI 5000.

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