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Sunhillo has launched a new ASTERIX Solutions page on our website to highlight the capabilities of Sunhillo’s SureLine software.  

Sunhillo’s core business for over 30 years is Surveillance Data Distribution & Conversion of mission-critical data.  ASTERIX is one of the primary sources of mission-critical data and Sunhillo is a subject matter expert with many years of experience.  Sunhillo has developed a large catalog of ASTERIX categories and can provide conversion from one protocol to another utilizing our SureLine® Software and beyond that we have a host of additional capabilities to grant ANSPs and users across the globe a user friendly way to modify, filter, and validate ASTERIX data.  Sunhillo’s ASTERIX solutions are built into our SureLine software and can be unlocked on your current SureLine product or when purchasing a new Sunhillo SureLine product like our RICI or Brigantine SGP.

ASTERIX Validation is mainly used to protect downstream systems from bad data.  ASTERIX is complex and not all systems handle getting unexpected or corrupted data well, putting the ASTERIX validator before an Air traffic Automation System can prevent malformed or unexpectedly formatted data from causing a critical failure.

The ASTERIX Data Modifier allows users to modify the content of outgoing ASTERIX messages without the data having to be converted to the SureLine generic message format in the data flow.

ASTERIX Capabilities: ASTERIX Framer, Packer/Unpacker, SIC/SAC Changer, Filtering, FRN Filtering, CAT034 Status Filtering

Please visit the new ASTERIX Solutions page for more information and how to add this capability to your Sunhillo SureLine Product.

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