Sunhillo Surveillance Monitoring System deployed to US Army Alaska Ranges

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During the first quarter of 2021, the Sunhillo Surveillance Monitoring System (SMS) was deployed to the US Army Alaska (USARAK) Ranges. The SMS is currently being used for enhanced situational awareness across the Joint Pacific Multinational Readiness Capability (JPMRC) which includes Army Ranges at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Fort Wainwright, and Fort Greely/Donnelley Training Area. Sunhillo partnered with 9th Degree, LLC and Warhorse Training Solutions LLC to bring this dynamic capability to the ranges. Each Range Operation has an SMS installation with two 48-inch screens located at the fire desk where all aircraft can be viewed in high definition, providing each range with detailed view for enhanced safety, efficiency and training throughput within the JPMRC.

Dave Whitman, CEO/President of Sunhillo Corporation, “I am proud to be supporting the USARAK with our Surveillance Monitoring System solution to further assist them in enhancing their situational awareness and training exercises.”

The SMS receives 10 surveillance feeds coming from Short Range Radars (SRR), Long Range Radars (LRR), Multifunction Array Radar (MAR), as well as ADS-B, and processes them for display at each Range Operation while also allowing for the Ranges to share data between each other in a circuitous redundancy. Sunhillo provided on-site SMS installation and training which was conducted and completed on time for systems to be used to support the Northern Edge exercise that took place in Alaska during May 2021.

With a fully customizable display and Geofencing, the SMS, coupled with DOD software, provides a common operation picture (COP) of real time air and ground operations to fit the Army’s training requirements. Selecting any target will bring up the Target Information panel which displays important details such as the target ID, altitude, speed, and heading which is an imperative with live-fire operations within Special Use Airspace.

The SMS deployed for USARAK features recording and playback providing each Range the ability to review recordings at any time, which can be used for training or incident review purposes. An additional feature allows the USARAK ranges to utilize the customizable graphical overlays offered by the SMS. These provide a different visual display of a particular geographical location (up to 4 distinct pictures per range) without requiring an internet connection.

The SMS’ geofencing is configured by creating a polygon fence and overlaying it on the desired base layer map. Targets approaching or that enter the geofenced area can be configured to trigger both an audible, as well as, visual alert. This provides USARAK a redundant capability to assist in separating non-participatory aircraft from hazardous activities as well as supporting the Army in their responsibilities with the FAA.

Celebrating our 30th Anniversary, Sunhillo Corporation, an ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified company, has been providing products, services and expertise to the FAA, US DOD, Air Traffic Control (ATC) industry, and Air Traffic Management (ATM) partners worldwide. Sunhillo has become the preferred provider of surveillance data distribution products, services and systems to the FAA, the U.S. DOD, and civilian ATM providers across the globe. Sunhillo Corporation also provides hardware and software engineering, second level engineering support, test and evaluation services. Sunhillo Corporation has provided UAS products and solutions for over five years and has performed live flight operations for NASA’s UTM Task orders with a FAA UAS Test Site and for the National Aviation Research & Technology Park (NARTP).

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