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Sunhillo has released the latest iteration of the Surveillance Monitoring System (SMS) which builds upon the systems recently deployed to the US Army Alaska (USARAK) Ranges, see the October Press Release. The primary enhancement includes a moving map which tracks a designated UAV or other aircraft as “ownship.” The map display follows the ownship and keeps the view centered as the ownship aircraft traverses. This enhancement provides configurable, concentric geofence filters to facilitate visual and audible alerts from approaching aircraft for safety and situational awareness.

Dave Whitman, CEO/President of Sunhillo Corporation stated, “The latest version of SMS builds upon our successfully deployed surveillance systems with new enhancements for UAS operations and geofencing that will provide the situational awareness required for safe operations.”
The SMS receives multiple disparate surveillance feeds such as traditional radar or ADS-B and displays them on a customizable map. A major discriminator of the SMS is that no internet connection is required, as the maps are available for offline use which is critical for remote UAS operations. Custom overlays such as aeronautical charts, ArcGIS images and other geo referenced imagery can be used to enrich the detail of the map.

With a fully customizable display and Geofencing, the SMS provides situational awareness which is necessary for Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) and Controlled airspace UAS operations. Selecting any target on the SMS provides details such as target ID, aircraft identification information and latitude/longitude coordinates.

The SMS’ geofencing is configured by creating a polygon fence based on latitude/longitude coordinates, drawing on the map or Shape file import. Targets approaching or entering the geofenced area can be configured to trigger an alert. This update improves on geofencing by shadowing the ownship as it progresses across the map. This gives UAS pilots and operation center’s a focused area for situational awareness and is ideally suited for BVLOS operations.

Sunhillo Corporation, an ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified company, has been providing products, services and expertise to the FAA, US DOD, Air Traffic Control (ATC) industry, and Air Traffic Management (ATM) partners worldwide for over 30 years. Sunhillo has become the preferred provider of surveillance data distribution products, services and systems to the FAA, the U.S. DOD, and civilian ATM providers across the globe. Sunhillo Corporation also provides hardware and software engineering, second level engineering support, test and evaluation services. Sunhillo Corporation has provided UAS products and solutions for over five years and has performed live flight operations for NASA’s UTM Task orders with a FAA UAS Test Site and for the National Aviation Research & Technology Park (NARTP).

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